HT Panel

These devices are widely used in the substations for the flawless power distribution & supply. Being a customer centric organization, we manufacture our products strictly in accordance to industry norms.

Our experienced team has used high ranked raw materials while manufacturing HT Control Panel. We have developed HT VCB Panels in sturdy construction so that these can bear tough environmental conditions. We have also employed advanced component during production to ensure flawless operation.

The interested clients should contact us to get our products at competitive rates. Owing to the excellent quality of our Electrical HT Panel, we have emerged as leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters based in India.

HT Panels in simple words recognized as a High Tension Panel which are mostly used to supply power to various electronic devices and distribution boards. These panels are outdoor as well as an indoor type system which is mostly used in substations. As the name depicts High Tension Panel, so they need to stand stable in different challenging climates.

Generally, high-quality raw material used to maintain this kind of panel which handles all the climates. Mostly used for protecting and monitoring transformers, capacitors, and generators. They are very well-known in the national or international electronic market because of its salient features like high operational fluency, long working life, high durability and reliability, require less maintenance, running cost is not so high, affordable rate, superb and convenient designed, easy to operate and many more. Fluctuations in voltage can harm your machine and even stop your productivity so these HT Panels are a must for every manufacturing facility.

And as they take power from generator then pass to different devices so the pressure of low and high voltage doesn’t come directly to the machine. These HT Panel are really helpful to protect your device from any kind of harm of fluctuations in voltage. There are numerous types of HT Panels available in the market such as isolator panels, load bank, phase side cubical, feeder pillar panels, neutral side cubical and many more. These types of HT Panels work on a different voltage level as per the requirement of the plant and machinery in the different industries and substations.


  • Brilliant performance
  • High quality standards
  • Affordable rates
  • Reliable operation

Difference Between HT And LT Panels:

  • HT stands for High Tension Panel and they have a higher level of strength than the LT (Low Tension) Panels.
  • HT Panel is ideal for bulk power purchasers because the need for power in big industries cannot be handled by LT Panel.
  • LT Panel receives power and distributes further, on the contrary, HT Panels do the same thing, but the only difference is that they are used only for High Tension Cables.
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